Friday, May 9, 2008

Its A Great Day To do Business

The time has come...

Now that the semester is over, It's time to get some shirts printed up.. As a matter of fact today is the day.. the first shirt should be going into production by the end of the day.. oh yeah, we're gettin serious now.
Here's what the design is.. I made it small on purpose

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Identical Variant Basketball Tournament

Well, Well, Well, Its about to go down soon.

IV.. is hosting a 5-on-5.. pause.. pickup basketball tournament soon. How soon? well, its on the 17th.. 3 pm to 10 pm .. Bicentenial park, Grand Blanc, Michigan.

Its FREE to play.. and thats exactly why there is no prize. haha. but naw.. so many ppl in Flint and around Flint always talk about there not being anything to do.. well, here goes.. take it or leave it.. anywho.. come out to show ur support.. dont shoot up the park.. bring a chair.. Gone