Monday, March 29, 2010

iV Oversized Button x Beautiful Woman

iV sightings...

here are a few pics of people in public rockin' iV clothes and accessories
Sheefy McFly at The Air Up There at Bob's Classic Kicks
photo cred to Robin A Collins

Ja Ja, Ketchphraze (of Street Justice), Me, and DJ Soko rocking and holding up their new iV clothes at the WHUTUPDOE! website launch party. Photo cred to Kirby Kirbalicious

JYoung the General rockin iV on stage at the WHUTUPDOE! website launch party. Photo cred to Ohene Photography

Blaksmith of Cold Men Young

I.V Music - Cold Men Young Preview

IV sponsored and all around dope group Cold Men Young are prepping for the April 1st release of their debut album Champagne Nights & Red Stripe Budget, which IV designer Smack! (I guess that would be me) produced the artwork for the project. And as a new edition of my "SMACK! SpeedComics" video series, here's a inside look at the process of making of the artwork that's quickly being spread around the net as "April Cools Day" fastly approaches.

And for a sneak peek of the album, here's the MONSTROUS collaboration track between the guys and Street Justice entitled "Cold Justice" (via WHUTUPDOE.COM)

- Smack!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

H.Y.F. EN ENT x Identical Variant

Identical Variant has combined with Detroit's Do The Write Thing event for these super awesome shirts.. they will be releasing at the event then online after. Click below for the event info.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Sale

Glam & Glory Fashion Show

Well, if you haven't seen the facebook guerilla marketing, there is a fashion show this Friday in Flint. The show should be super dope.. come on out and support your mom's favorite clothing line.