Sunday, December 26, 2010

Five Reasons Moleskine Notebooks > Cell Phones

William E. Ketchum III - also known as a member of the Identical Variant team, and manager of BLAT! Pack artists sponsored by iV - wrote a blog on his web site about the pros of using a Moleskine notebook instead of a phone's notepad or ToDo applications. An excerpt below:

4.) Notebooks are fly.
Remember when a smartphone was a fashion statement? A Blackberry was a sign of a no-nonsense businessman on the go, while the iPhone was emblematic of the young, trendy guy or gal in the city. Those days are gone. Now, smartphones are so ubiquitous and easy to find that unless you own a customized device or an over-priced designer phone, you’re no different from everybody else. But my Moleskine is as much of an accessory as my watch or my necklace. It’s a conversation starter every time I unsheath the soft leather notebook from my back pocket, and when you feel fly, you work fly. I find myself taking it out to appear productive as much as I do to be productive, and those two things perpetuate each other.

For the rest of the entry, CLICK HERE.


Hir-O "The Voyage Home" (Instrumental Album)

Hir-O isn't an Identical Variant-sponsored producer, but many members of his crew the BLAT! Pack are. Check out this new instrumental album, The Voyage Home - just like iV Clothing, it has a path of its own while still incorporating the things you'll love from other walks of life. A summary and a download link below.

In 2010, Detroit producer Hir-O resumed his undefeated record in Michigan's merciless beat battle circuit, landed placements with the likes of Othello (of Lightheaded) and Red Bull EmSee Battle National EmSee FowL, and released the critically-acclaimed "Computer Blue" with Doss The Artist. To end the year, Hir-O drops "The Voyage Home," an instrumental album that continues to showcase his seamless combination of electronic sounds with the soul and jazz that Detroit is respected for.

To download, CLICK HERE or CLICK HERE. And to hear more of Hir-O's music, CLICK HERE for's posts with his name. Personal recommendations include "You Make The Music" by Othello, "The Back Beat" by Greenlee, and "Going Going Gone" and "Lois Lane" from Computer Blue.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

iV Appreciation Day

October 27, 2010 is officially iV Appreciation Day! Here at iV we like to spread the love! We are offering you 20% off of all iV apparel by using this discount code: DOPExFLY! Everyone loves discounts on quality merchandise right?!?

We appreciate all of your love and support of the movement and we want to offer you a token of our appreciation. Go to the site check out the merchandise and get fly on a budget but its only for today!

Hurry up take advantage of all the action


Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Your favorite clothing line, us, will be taking a nice little break for "renovations" and will relaunch in the Spring of 2010. Yes, even with the world allegedly ending, iV will be there providing the flyness for your "last days."

Things you can expect to see:
  • New designs and color schemes
  • EVENTS.. and plenty of them
  • Videos
  • New Packaging
  • Another mixtape
  • Updates for the music artist that we sponsor
  • ...and an overall increase on flyness
so what can you do? Well, the remainder of our apparel will be available for purchase on the Online Store until we sell out.. Past that, all you can do is wait patiently.. and check in by the site from time to time. There will be updates posted for your viewing pleasure.

-JP a.k.a The Management

Monday, August 23, 2010

Love Me Or Hate Me...

What's good parishioners of the fresh? Smack! here to give y'all a sneak peek at a new upcoming design officially entitled "Love Me Or Hate Me." And now, we play the Waiting Game...

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

iV X Summer

What up world!!!! Its ya girl KaNisha and I have officially taken over the iV blog to fill you in on all the new hotness in the world of Identical Variant

So its been a while since we hit the blog up so you know what that means we have a ton of new things going on in the world of Identical Variant we've been working extremely hard to make sure we keep giving you guys nothing but dopeness:

1. NEW NEW Merchandise available Check out the newest installment: the new #thuglife unisex tee... It comes in two colors black and turquoise and black and white

And lets not forget that the women's "I'm Dope" tanks are available and we also still have the logo tees for men and women available right now so stop wasting time and check out the new merchandise at I guarantee you its all kinds of dopeness on the site for all of you cool kids but don't just take my word for it check it out and #support the movement

2. We are also having our first annual Identical Variant 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament on August 21. If you think you and your squad got skills get ya team together and sign up to compete. Winners get a trophy and a years worth a bragging rights. We also have a raffle and much much more. So come out and support this family event as iV invades a neighborhood near you.

We have so much more being cooked up in the lab to make sure your summer is dope so until next time..... dueces!!!!


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cold Men Young.. classic makers

let me tell you hope dope this album is.. i haven't even downloaded it yet because i don't want to navigate from the page..


Monday, March 29, 2010

iV Oversized Button x Beautiful Woman

iV sightings...

here are a few pics of people in public rockin' iV clothes and accessories
Sheefy McFly at The Air Up There at Bob's Classic Kicks
photo cred to Robin A Collins

Ja Ja, Ketchphraze (of Street Justice), Me, and DJ Soko rocking and holding up their new iV clothes at the WHUTUPDOE! website launch party. Photo cred to Kirby Kirbalicious

JYoung the General rockin iV on stage at the WHUTUPDOE! website launch party. Photo cred to Ohene Photography

Blaksmith of Cold Men Young

I.V Music - Cold Men Young Preview

IV sponsored and all around dope group Cold Men Young are prepping for the April 1st release of their debut album Champagne Nights & Red Stripe Budget, which IV designer Smack! (I guess that would be me) produced the artwork for the project. And as a new edition of my "SMACK! SpeedComics" video series, here's a inside look at the process of making of the artwork that's quickly being spread around the net as "April Cools Day" fastly approaches.

And for a sneak peek of the album, here's the MONSTROUS collaboration track between the guys and Street Justice entitled "Cold Justice" (via WHUTUPDOE.COM)

- Smack!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

H.Y.F. EN ENT x Identical Variant

Identical Variant has combined with Detroit's Do The Write Thing event for these super awesome shirts.. they will be releasing at the event then online after. Click below for the event info.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Spring Sale

Glam & Glory Fashion Show

Well, if you haven't seen the facebook guerilla marketing, there is a fashion show this Friday in Flint. The show should be super dope.. come on out and support your mom's favorite clothing line.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

February PIcs (sneek preview)

Here are just a few iV pics that have been shot this month.. Check them out then go to the Identical Variant Store to cop some clothes. Peace.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

iV Angels Profile: Divania

Today's iV Angel is a new addition to the family: Divania "Vannie" Sykes. When she isn't matching our fly in front of the camera, the Flint, Mich. native is pushing toward a marketing degree at Texas Southern University. But if you're going to hold a conversation with Vannie, know what you're getting into - as the interview below shows, she has some weird tastes.

Birthplace & Current Stomping Grounds:
I was born in Flint, MI &I now live in Houston, TX.

Favorite iV shirt, or iV shirt that best describes your personality, and why? What appeals to you about Identical Variant's clothing and brand?
The shirt that best describes my personality is the black "I'm Dope Get Over It." Because just as it says im DOPE and it makes me feel so "bad @$$." Identical Variant is so different! It's not another clothing label that is this unique to me and the prices are so reasonable.

Lifetime goals?
Right now I attend Texas Southern University, pursuing my BBA in Marketing, which I plan on completing in 2.5-3 years. Then I plan on doing internships here and there, and then going to grad school at Harvard University or The University of Texas to pursue my masters in Business. I will be working in the entertainment industry as a marketing director.

TV show/movie you can't live without?
I can't live with out Law& Order: SVU, it's so amzing. I love that show. I can watch it over and over and over.

What makes you different?
I must be honest I am super weird. I try to do things without people noticing; there have been many times Randall has caught me with the camera doing weird things. I love eating peanut butter and grapes, so yummy, but everyone thinks I'm weird. I used to watch "Trading Spaces" all the time on TLC; nobody likes that, but I used to love it. I would get home from school and go right to watching that ALL day! Simple things make me happy and smile, what makes me different though is that standing on my head and talking to myself makes me super relaxed and happy. I can be supper mean, and I sometimes say things that shouldnt be said, but I am always 100% honest. If you ask me a question I'm going to be real with you!!

With iV, all the models have different personalities. I'm the hard core biker chick and I love it, because I'm the youngest and I act the toughest, but I love all my big "Angel" sisters. I can't explain why I act this way, its just me!! Ms. Perfectly Imperfect.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Detroit CYDI is busy!!

To those that know... They knows I'm not wordsmith so I'll Let the flyers do all the talking here. However, I will say that Detroit CYDI is a super dope hip-hop group from Detroit that we sponsor and support at iV.. Hail to Good Music.



What up, peoples! Smack here to present to y'll the new collabo shirt between IV and

Just in time for the website's launch party this Saturday (Feb. 20th), the shirt (designed by this guy) represents some of what WHUTUPDOE is all about - cats with "BARS!" and cats who go a "rappity rappin'" © Buff1. The shirt is now on sale in the online store but you can also head to the event itself and purchase your very own. Click on the flyer below to head to the Facebook event page and RSVP.

It's sure to be a dope show, so come out, here some dope music, and buy some dope shirts at the same time. I'm pretty sure that's apart of the American dream. Somewhere in there. Probably in the fine print.

- Smack!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

iV Angels Profile: Bionca

To help rejuvenate Identical Variant's Internet presence and familiarize readers with our brand, we will be posting profiles of the company's models, owners, and team members. What you'll notice is that we're all ambitious, we all respect each other, and we all march to the beat of our own drum. If those things describe you, stay tuned to Identical Variant through our web site, our Facebook group, and our clothing! Also, submit your own profile with the answers to these questions and you may be featured on the iV Blog!

The first iV Angel you'll learn about is Bionca. Don't let the long legs, heels and her Hello Kitty allegiance let you get the wrong idea. With her obsession for sports and her appreciation for a certain film about Harlem drug dealers from the 80s, she's prone to get along with the fellas just as much. Read below for more.

Birthplace & Current Stomping Grounds:
Born and raised in Flint Michigan. Now living and going to school in Houston, TX at Texas Southern University

Favorite iV shirt, or iV shirt that best describes your personality, and why? What appeals to you about Identical Variant's clothing and brand?
Favorite shirt would be "I Come in Piece." Dont let the sweet innocent face fool u... im a G! I'll come peacefully and leave victorious! Identical Variant products are unique. Even the name is something that no one would ever think of.

Lifetime goals?
I am going to school for marketing. I plan to go into sports marketing. I prefer football. Eventually, I'll open my own marketing/advertising firm.

TV show/movie you can't live without?
I can't live without "Paid in Full!" Next to "Love and Basketball," it is the best movie ever. Paid In Full is the realest movie ever, it's on that G shit. And Sanaa Lathan is one of my favorite actresses. I always wanted a boyfriend that lived next door so we could sneak in each others' windows.

What makes you different?
Welllllll.... I have freckles! I'm extremely goofy because my mom is still goofy at her old age;we always goof around and make jokes. I love fried okra! A lot!

Plus, I'm always watching ESPN. A lot of girls just cant stand it, but I can watch it all day. I love sports because I grew up on them. I have a lot of brothers and cousins, so I was always at a sporting event. I like football the most because its a contact sport, and I like seeing people get their asses whupped [laughs].

I am a Hello Kitty fanatic, too. I think I will love Hello Kitty till the day i die!