Monday, November 10, 2008

I.V. + LivLuxMag collaboration

November 29th is the official Identical Variant + LivLuxMag release party for the second shirts of the fall season..

"The Loft" in dowtown Flint
515 Buckham Alley
Flint, MI. 48504

November 29th

Small - 4X
White and Red
100% Cotton American Apparel T-Shirts

X.Small - X.Large
White /w Black Sleeves
Pink /w Black Sleeves
Silver /w Black Sleeves
100% Cotton American Apparel Raglan Shirts

I.V. Hoodies

Well, its gettin cold outside so I think its time to bust out the hoodies for the fall/winter season.. and they're on the way.. they should be ready for purchase next week.. so look out for em..