Tuesday, July 20, 2010

iV X Summer

What up world!!!! Its ya girl KaNisha and I have officially taken over the iV blog to fill you in on all the new hotness in the world of Identical Variant

So its been a while since we hit the blog up so you know what that means we have a ton of new things going on in the world of Identical Variant we've been working extremely hard to make sure we keep giving you guys nothing but dopeness:

1. NEW NEW Merchandise available Check out the newest installment: the new #thuglife unisex tee... It comes in two colors black and turquoise and black and white

And lets not forget that the women's "I'm Dope" tanks are available and we also still have the logo tees for men and women available right now so stop wasting time and check out the new merchandise at

http://shop.identicalvariant.com/ I guarantee you its all kinds of dopeness on the site for all of you cool kids but don't just take my word for it check it out and #support the movement

2. We are also having our first annual Identical Variant 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament on August 21. If you think you and your squad got skills get ya team together and sign up to compete. Winners get a trophy and a years worth a bragging rights. We also have a raffle and much much more. So come out and support this family event as iV invades a neighborhood near you.

We have so much more being cooked up in the lab to make sure your summer is dope so until next time..... dueces!!!!