Sunday, February 13, 2011

Where We Gonna Go??

Every once in a while, something seemingly average ends up striking you in a really dope way that you can't explain. Much like Identical Variant did to me. This also happens plenty times in music. Granted, we all sometimes fall victim to the glitz and glamor of videos... but when music and visuals are done just right, it doesn't take much outside of being simple and to the point for the spark.
The right angle here... a quick shot there... a glimpse of an object... a spec of color.... words laid flawlessly over a stunning visual.
That's actually the feeling I got as I watched the video for "Where We Gonna Go" by Tabi Bonney feat. Lykke Li for the first time. Not only are the vocals from Lykke Li powerful in their own subtle way, Tabi didn't disappoint either. Throw in a beautiful, curvaceous woman, raw & simple camera shooting... and to me it wins. Beautiful video. Give it a look-see.
To download the whole Tabi Bonney mixtape click here

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