Monday, January 31, 2011

Blaksmith X Mister X Dr. B = Passalacqua

I know all my hip hop heads will love me for this one

The Blaksmith, of Cold Men Young, has been in the lab working on the amazingness known as Passalacqua (not sure how to pronounce it) but its dope. Its a collaborative effort between Mister, Blaksmith and the production done by Dr. B. Musically and creatively, this Ep is amazing, it has a smooth, soulful, jazz feel but its pure hip hop!! The production is amazing. The sound is definitely different but it can be appreciated. If you are a fan of music you will love it. Lyrically its on another level.

To call it great would be an understatement. This 6 track EP will have listener itching for more. Blak's and Mister's voices utilize the beats in such a melodic way and the chemistry is amazing. We can all appreciate classic, timeless music that people of all ages can relate to, though its only 6 tracks its something to be said when 6 tracks can be this powerful, its definitely worth a download. I can continue to analyze it, but that would take all day

Don't just take my word for it, check it out, get your daily fix of dope and download it here, donate a lil something to the continued creation of great music:


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